Eco village


Location The parish is located 7.5 km from RIga and 15 km from the old quarter of the city between Balozi (6 km from Balozi) and Kekava (5 km to Kekava) (on Riga - Bauska Motorway (A7)), 2 km away from the Riga - Bauska motorway in Skujnieki.
The total area of ​​the village 10 ha
Number of houses 90
Number of vacant land plots 32
Plot area range from 530 m2 to 1691.3 m2 with a possibility to combine adjacent land plots.
Documents Each plot is registered in the land register under a separate cadastre number, with own street name and number.
Electric power supply Power supply planned from A/S LATVENERGO
Water supply Central (from Kekava) water supply and two artesian wells planned
Gas supply If required, central gas supply may be provided
Sewerage Central sewage system planned (with the use of sewage treatment plant in Kekava)
Phone and Internet Mobile providers, Satellite internet
Fence The entire perimeter of the parish shall be fenced. Closed secure area. The parish may be entered and exited only via a checkpoint.
Security 24-hour security, video surveillance and perimeter security along with fire alarm system shall ensure a high level of general security.
Payment terms On individual basis in accordance with the agreement. A private loan with a term of up to 5 years.
Communal Service and its responsibilities Any technical and public services in the parish shall be providing by the property management company of SIA FTD. The tasks of the company shall not only include maintenance duties, but also a further development of the infrastructure in the village.

Infrastructure information

Parish infrastructure The parish features sports grounds, a playground, nursery, a small general store and pond with common beach.
Transport routes The motorway of A7 runs at Kekava from Riga through Bauska up to Lithuanian border (Grenctale), the motorway is a part of a European route E67. Also the circumferential motorway A5 from Salaspils - Babite runs through a part of Kekava - this motorway is a part of a European route E77. There is also a regional road P89, which runs from Kekava to Skaistkalne

The parish of "VAVERITES" is just a 10-minute drive from Riga, 5km from the centre of Kekava - in the parish of Skujnieki .
Village of "VAVERITES" features 90 varied size land plots for construction of single-storey, two-storey, double (for two families) and semi detached houses - to be construction in a course of several phases.
Each plot of land (area ranging from 430 m2 to 1691.3 m2) shall be provided with necessary utilities.
Each plot is registered in the land register under a separate cadastre number, with own street name and number.
The land of the parish is divided in two streets.
The total area of the parish spans across 10 ha and is enclosed by forest from three sides.
The parish is surrounded by  environmentally clean areas: Pine forest, reserve forest as well as the historic Oswald channel runs along the border of the parish to later flow into Daugava.
A pond with a common sand beach lies in the heart of the parish.
Crushed stone payments.
The parish shall be provided with artesian wells.
The parish features an on-site playground, nursery and a small general store.
The entire area of the village shall be under a 24-hour security (including video surveillance, perimeter security and alarm systems).
The locale has a number of environmental benefit, 15 public transport connection with the business centre of the city, comprehensive external infrastructure, private territory, safety and a fire alarm).
The basis of design decisions made in the parish of "VAVERITES" is taken from the concept of an eco-home, the construction and functioning of which involves only heat and energy efficient construction materials and modern technologies.
A low construction cost per house is provided thanks to the use of modern technologies.
Design decisions and the exterior decoration of the house along with materials and window panes shall be always accustomed to the wishes of the future owner.
A private loan with a terms of up to 5 years (convenient payment terms and payment in instalments available
Favourable terms for investment.
Maintenance and development on site shall be provided by "FTD" Ltd. in collaboration with the legal office of "ABERGO" Ltd..